Szklarska Poreba, a small  town  in Lower Silesia, on the  Kamienna river, on the border of the Giant Mountains and the Jizera Mountains. Population 8.2 thousand (2000).
Municipal law since 1959. To the 1970 in Szklarska Poreba  lived and worked  painter Vlastimil  Hofman. Szklarska Poreba is situated in south-western Poland, at the junction of three borders Polish, Czech and German , between Jizera and Giant Mountains, in the district of Jelenia Góra, Lower Silesia province. The city lies at the foot of our mountain Szrenica (1362 m). It is best developed winter sports center in Poland. The city is situated at an altitude of 440 - to 886 m. Tourist attractions and a convenient location near major Central European cities: Prague 139 km, Vienna 400 km, Wroclaw 140 km. (Each also has an international airport), and the proximity of the crossings Polish - Czech Republic (8 km) and the Polish-German (71 km), makes Szklarska Poreba  attractive both for tourists and business. Szklarska Poreba is considered one of the best tourist centers in Poland. Existing in Szklarska Poreba recreational values ​​allow for active recreation for tourists not only during the skiing season, but practically all year round.
Silence, ever-changing landscapes in the lighting or time of day, combined with the noise of crystal-clear streams and waterfalls surrounded by falling granite rocks - are the elements that affect a very soothing effect on human nature.
Excellent starting point to the nearby resort towns of Czech Giant Mountains based on a number of border crossings, so pedestrians and vehicles - to the golden city of Prague.
Szklarska Poreba also maintains a reputation as one of the most important centers in the country cross-country skiing.
In Jakuszyce, belonging to Szklarska Poreba, snow remains thick until late spring. Cross-country trails, with a total length of 100 km, after the winter season are attractive for lovers of cycling.

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